Picking the story up immediately after the events of series 1, our motley crew of middle-aged misfits jumps out of the frying pan and into the fire in this first installment. Rick, Baxter and Woody go back for Quinn, running Dominic over in the process they make a break for freedom with a bag full of drug money.

The reunited quartet, swiftly attempt to get off the island to the mainland but Woody ends up driving them on the wrong ferry. They wind up in Ibiza, but try to make the best of a bad situation.

Baxter (John Simm) is keen to keep the money, and has a hard time convincing the other that they can get away with it. However, the promise of a fresh start and wads of cash soon win the rest of the group over.

Whilst the boys try to make some of their dirty money clean at a casino, an attractive woman who claims she can help him approaches Baxter. After she meets the others, she tells them she has a contact that might be able to launder all 3 million Euros in exchange for a commission.

As you might expect, things don’t go according to plan, their new friend and her contact know its drug money and raise their commission. Left with no alternative the boys reluctantly go along with it.

The cracks in the group are starting to show, Woody is off the wagon; Rick calls his wife and learns that Alvo called her, and Baxter is falling in love. There is an overwhelming feeling that something incredibly bad is lurking around the corner. Well it wouldn’t be as entertaining if everything went swimmingly and they had a nice holiday, although with this cast it would at least be worth a watch. After the explosive final scene the boys’ problems are only just beginning.

I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, the cast all continue to work wonderfully together. Even with the odd plot gap, and a growing concern that the local police are very good at their jobs, it’s the accomplished performances from the four leads that carry us through.

The finale from the first series had a sense of conclusion, so a second run could have felt tacked on or a lazy rehash of what’s gone before. So it’s a nice surprise that this opening episode is a continuation and raises the stakes.

Mad Dogs Continues Thursday at 9pm Sky 1

Chris Suffield

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