So there we have it, Misfits series three has come to a close and things may never be the same again.
Some familiar faces reappeared, both the probation officers (Tony and Sally) from series one and Rachel who featured in the series one finale. Actress Jessica Brown Findlay also starred in the recent Black Mirror: 15 Million Merits.

The ghosts all have unfinished business with the Misfits, and things are going to get complicated.

Rachel believes her unfinished business is to do all the things she missed out on whilst she was alive. However, Sally seems to be out for revenge but Simon doesn’t appear to notice.

Story threads from the first series are resolved, Sally and Tony’s reunion is touching and both their spirits are able to find peace at last. I can’t escape the feeling that too much was brought to a somewhat forced conclusion. The Super Hoodie story arc had the potential to be truly exciting, after setting things up so well in series to this seemed rushed.

Alisha finally gets a bit of screen time but the final fifteen minutes are utterly devastating. We all knew something bad happened to her, back in series two when future Simon first saw her, he had the look of a man seeing a ghost.

I have to share my disappointment over how sidelined Alisha has been in series 3, everybody else got an episode to shine and all she got was an episode to die.

What does this mean for the already confirmed series four? Sadly it means there’s going to be more change, Antonia Thomas (Alisha) stated on twitter;

“I won’t be coming back for series 4 but I can’t wait to see it! I’ve had an amazing time in misfits- it has been epic!”

Seth helps Simon get a new time travel power, he also loans him ten grand to buy a power from him in the past. The power in question is a immunity against other powers, this allows him to be unaffected by Alisha’s power. We’ve seen how it ends for Simon in series 2, I just can’t accept that he wouldn’t find a way to break the loop.

As if Alisha’s death that wasn’t bad enough, Iwan Rheon (Simon) has also left the Misfits world, he said;

Thanks for all the comments and support. I’m so grateful for the opportunity that Misfits gave me and all the fun I had doing it. But I have left now and look forward to doing exciting new things. The show must go on!”

Overall this run was a mixed but ultimately good series, a couple of filler episodes which was a real shame as the writers had more episodes to play with.

It’s also a shame there is no Christmas special this year. Last years festive set episode was very nearly the best episode ever episode.

The revelations of the episode will likely test the loyalty of the fans more than Robert Sheehan’s departure. By the time series 4 comes out the American remake would of already been made, well the pilot episode at least will be complete.

Misfits returns October 2012


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