For the penultimate episode of the current series, the Misfits up their game and deliver a confident story that ticks all the boxes.

Wasting no time in getting started, the episode opens with Seth and Curtis just about to dig up Seth’s ex girlfriend. All seems fine after she has been brought back, to life, well it starts out fine then becomes a potential zombie outbreak.

Curtis revives an old lady’ s dead cat, unknown to Curtis the cat soon develops a taste for human flesh as does everything else he has raised from the dead. Once the zombie cat get lose in the community centre, not even the cheerleaders are safe.

Seth finds himself with a dilemma, he still has unresolved feelings for his resurrected girlfriend, but he’s moved on since her death. As he was in part responsible for her death, his obligation to bring her back is rooted in his guilt.

Matthew McNulty has become a fan favourite as Seth, all eyes were on Rudy when the series started but Seth has quietly become an important part of the gang.

Whilst the episode deals with some heavy themes it always remains on the right side of fun. Whenever things start to get too serious Rudy, Curtis or Kelly are on hand to ease the tension. On that note, Kelly delivers a summary of events to a stunned Seth in typically Kelly fashion that stands out as a comic highpoint.

This episode recaptured the madcap fun and excitement of the series 1 finale, the pacing was frantic and the script was easily the best of the new series. The Misfits also got to meet Shaun’ s replacement, sadly she was immediately attacked by a zombie cheerleader.

Setting a new record for killing their probation worker, Rudy draws the short straw and reluctantly (but happily) puts her out of her misery. They proceed to do what they always do in these situations, bury all the bodies in the woods. The borough must have the highest rate of disappearances in the UK, apart from Midsummer of course, which must be the murder capital of the world by now.

Alisha has been given very little to do this year, she’s not been given any exciting storylines and for want of a better word she’s been neglected. Part of what makes Misfits work so well is it’s always been a ensemble, everybody gets their moment or their story and I’m hoping Alisha will play a big part of the finale. The finale seems to focus on Simon getting new powers, so the potential for an epic send off in true Misfits style is there.

Misfits Series 3 concludes Sunday at 10pm

Chris Suffield


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