Our latest Vulture Hound Guest Playlist come from The Ordinary Boy’s Preston:

1 – The Cookies – Softly in the Night

As a teenager I listened almost exclusively to 70’s punk and old rock and roll from the 50’s and 60’s. It was a total affectation, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit, but the music is undeniably awesome. The Cookies are still one of my favourites and this is a particularly beautiful and haunting melody.

2 – Dee Dee Ramone – Babydoll

This is a really, really underrated record. Sure, Dee Dee was never the greatest rapper and his decision to label himself as a ‘negro’ was unfortunate to say the least but this song stands out as one of my favourite songs written by one of my favourite musicians of all time.

3 – The Chameleons – Swamp Thing

I got very much into shoegaze around the time that I went to University. I think it’s a hormonal thing. I was in a shoegaze band called Bedside Dinosaur in around 2000 and we used to cover this track. It’s a great, heavy, droney number.

4 – The Colourfield – Thinking of You

I was fortunate enough to perform with Terry Hall, one of my absolute heroes, and he also appeared in the video to one of the Ordinary Boys songs, Seaside. He has the qualities of a great comic and actor as well as being a ridiculously good lyricist. He also co-wrote Lucky You by the Lightening Seeds which is my Karaoke jam.

5 – The Glove – Sex Eye Make Up

I love the Cure and I love Souxie and the Banshees. This seemed like a good compromise. I remember listening to this record when I was going through my teenage weed phase. It’s a weird, dreamy record. The artwork was good to stare at on mushrooms!!

6 – The Chills – Pink Frost

Touring with the Zutons in 2003/2004 turned me on to the Nuggets box sets. I much preferred the Children of Nuggets compilation which was 80’s and 90’s bands influenced by psychedelic 60’s drugged out pop. I loved XTC’s Dukes of Stratosphere gag but this Chills song is irresistible dark.

7 – Jay Reatard – Death is Forming

It was such a shame to lose Jay Reatard last year. He had everything I want in a musician and performer and the energy manages to make it’s way onto the recordings which is a rare treasure.

8 – Glass Candy – Warm in the Winter

I listen to a lot of Itala Disco, especially Giorgio Moroder. I wanted to keep this playlist more guitary andless electronic but Glass Candy make Itala Disco influenced nocturnal music that seems to have the same mood of some of the guitar music that I like. I really love this band.

7 – Malcolm McLaren – Waltz Darling

What an underrated genius Malcolm Maclaren was. Celebrated for his ‘invention’ that was punk rock (borrowed from the Dictators and the New York Dolls) and for the Pistols and Bow Wow Wow but his own musical output is unparalleled. A real innovater.

8 – Suckers – Save Your Love For Me

I listen to more new music now than I ever have before.  I feel like while the mainstream suffers, the underground flourishes. Toro y Moi, Small Black, Girls, and this Suckers Song usually make their way onto the mix-tapes that I make.

9 – Ink and Dagger – Shadowtalker

I used to be in hardcore bands. Too many to count. I still miss it. There is something about the raw energy that can only be found in Bad Brains records. Ink and Dagger was one of the best bands I ever saw live.

10 – Jonathan Richman – I’m a Little Airplane

Never be sad again with Jonathan Richman.

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