We have now crossed the midway point in the series, with just three episodes left (after this), I’m already feeling the sting of those cold Misfits free Sunday nights.

This installment has that old chestnut of a story line, the body swap. Most Sci-Fi/Supernatural shows do the inevitable body swap episode, its a given, we accept it. I don’t mind this sort of storyline, but their only crime is that they’re all predictable. Considering Misfits has been a series built on being a bit different, it’s a shame that they went for something very broad.

However, Misfits had a nasty surprise in-store for its viewers and killed off a likeable character (more on that later). Kelly and Seth have been dancing around each other for weeks, whilst their possible romance hasn’t been given much screen time, its been a well played addition. As their budding relationship makes the move to the next stage, complications arise when Kelly inadvertently swaps bodies with a comatose patient.

Now free from her former body, she visits her boyfriend in an attempt to re-establish a relationship with him in her new body. As you might guess complications soon turn murderous, and everything goes pear shaped. Whilst the episode is a bit ‘by the numbers’, it’s Lauren Socha (Kelly) that saved the day. She’s always been the secret weapon of Misfits and she gives an emotionally charged performance.

By the end of the episode Seth is now a member of the group, a dynamic that could really work if the writers can get back on form. This wasn’t a bad episode, we have just come to expect from Misfits because it was a breath of fresh air. The two Rudy’s got more screen time, which was not only welcomed but was effortlessly played by Joseph Gilgun.

In true Misfits form as soon as things felt predictable the show takes a very shocking turn. The unthinkable happened, they killed off Shaun the probation worker. It’s always a bold move for any show to kill of a popular character, Shaun was always a supporting player at best but you couldn’t help but like the guy. A jaded and selfish man who only wanted to get by in life, or more importantly in the day job he loathed. As Shaun lays in a heap bleeding to death, the gang let him in on their super secret. It was a tragic end for the longest serving probation worker at the community centre.

This does make the third probation worker they have murdered, which does beg the question of how they keep getting away with it. Series three is feeling a bit disconnected, there’s not been an exciting core story only hints and the odd tease so far. It’s still enjoyable but it’s starting to tread water.

Misfits continues Sunday at 10pm on E4

Chris Suffield


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