Misfits Series 3 Episode 3

After last weeks heavy handed but brilliant episode, it’s good to see the gang have a bit more fun this time around. This was still quite serious but there’s a lot of to enjoy, although Rudy and pretty much everybody who isn’t Simon don’t get much of a look in.

Simon steps into the spotlight for this episode, since the shock revelation last year that Simon was the Superhoodie all eyes have been on him. Simon’s story is perhaps the most interesting of all the Misfits, if you look at him in the first series he was detached, clearly displaying anti social tendencies, a sociopathic streak with just a hint of uncontrollable rage.

Even though he is still a disturbed young man, he is much more grounded and his relationship with Alisha gives him purpose and hope. I wasn’t sold on them as a couple when they first got together, whilst it was great to see the geek get the girl it didn’t quite ring true.

Happily their relationship has blossomed into the emotional backbone for the series. The audience roots for Simon, as we all have an inner geek of some kind.

Simon starts acting odd shortly after meeting Peter, a shy and silent comic book geek. To the surprise of the group, Peter and Simon become instant best friends. Despite Rudy’s misunderstanding walking in the new best friends in the bathroom, Peter has far more deadly intentions towards Simon.

The origin of Peter’s ability isn’t fully explained but this doesn’t do the story any harm. Peter is a comic book geek he lives and breathes superheroes. He draws his own comics, only with a disturbing twist that whatever he draws actually happens.

Seeing Simon’s potential going to waste, Peter takes matters into his own hands and draws Simon breaking up with Alisha. Not so he can have him to himself, but to save Simon, as superheroes and girlfriends don’t mix.

The only problem is that there was no real threat from Peter, he split them up (briefly) and he did make Simon beat his friends up. He wasn’t there to be a villain, he wanted what he thought was best for a super hero he believed in. In a misguided attempt to help Simon, Peter kidnaps Alisha but his plan backfires and he pays the ultimate price. In the closing moments of the episode we see Peter’s last drawings, he had drawn his own death.

Visually this was a stunning episode, the scenes where storyboards and live action where cut together was a touch of genius. Joseph Gilgun continues to impress as Rudy, and Probation officer Shaun is still an enjoyably disillusioned character. There are also a few more revelations about Seth, it’s difficult to tell how Kelly and Seth’s relationship will play out; he’s clearly still hiding something.

The trailer for next week’s episode look like the most epic adventure yet, with the music sounding like something from the Inception soundtrack. The episode looks set to deliver a series finale sized story, and we’re only half way through the series.

Chris Suffield


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