Misfits Series 3 Episode 1

This As winter draws in there’s something quite comforting about having quality Television on a Sunday night. Followed on a Monday by the Young Apprentice, this one two punch certainly takes the edge off the start of the week.

So, the first Nathan free episode has aired and Rudy has been introduced, both of them. I had avoided spoilers as to the gangs new powers successfully and knew nothing about what power Rudy would have. It was a nice surprise to see his power revealed in the opening minutes, and an intriguing power at that.

Whilst this wasn’t the strongest overall episode, it a pretty good transition episode that does a good job of introducing the new character and furthers the story threads from last year. Simon has upped his training, Kelly is now a Rocket Scientist or at least has the intellect of one. Curtis can change into a woman, Simon can see into the future and Alisha can put herself in other peoples shoes.

As for the gangs new powers, so far they seem a little bit underwhelming  but then these guys were never superheroes to start with. Joe Gilgun as Rudy is an odd bit of casting, better known as Woody from This is England (film and series) and one of the Dingle’s from Emmerdale. Seeing two sides to his character did give him a chance to showcase his acting powers, there’s the brash confident side and the depressed, lonely and occasional suicidal part of him. The scenes where he literally confronts himself are played part for laughs, but they also offer a short cut to get to know him.

The threat this week was also a bit so so, sure it was a nice power to freeze time (or people) which laid the ground for a couple of funny moments and a couple of gruesome moments.

I found Nathan instantly annoying, rude and foul mouthed but by the end of the very first episode he grew on me. Rudy is a bit more restrained than Nathan, there are a few lines that felt they were written for Sheehan and they didn’t want to waste them. The creators have clearly wanted to make the transition as painlessly as possible, Rudy doesn’t try to hard to be likable or unlikeable as there’s two of them, we don’t have to decide just yet. However, ongoing comparison is both unfair and distracts from the fact that Misfits is a brilliantly put together show.  So lets all just accept that Nathan has gone and enjoy the fact that Misfits is back.

The returning cast are all as good as ever, with the exception of Iwan Rheon who I think has stepped it up a few noticeable notches. Simon got the most exciting storyline last year, his transformation into the ‘Super Hoodie’ promises to be the linchpin of this third run. There are still a few unanswered questions surrounding Simon and future Simon and I hope these are addressed.

Also back for this episode was Seth, the man who buys and sells powers to whoever has the money to pay for them. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of him as the series unfold. As they are all now firmly back in the orange jumpsuits, it’s fair to say that the Misfits are back to the misbehaving best and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us over the next 7 weeks.

Chris Suffield


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