Life’s Too Short – Episode 2


Episode 2 of Life’s Too Short begins at a convention, with Warwick arguing with a mother when she wants a free signed photograph for her son, who has a tumour.  His day gets worse when he’s interviewed by a particularly inept local news reporter.

Unlike episode 1, this week’s episode was more focused on Warwick and his (mis)adventures.  An invitation to a wedding with a Star Wars theme (which will end badly) was followed by a job offer, giving him the chance to work with Johnny Depp.  Depp’s extended appearance felt more natural than Liam Neeson’s, even though he wants to meet Warwick because he will be playing a dwarf in a new Tim Burton movie.  Depp clearly enjoys sending himself up, explaining that because he’s a method actor; he wants to see how a dwarf lives and what he does.  This leads to Warwick standing in a toilet, with Depp wanting to know what it feels like.

The good news for Life’s Too Short is that Davis can hold his own when it comes to comedy.  The majority of the episode revolves around what he’s doing with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant appearing less than in episode 1.  But the scene in Ricky’s office, when Depp gets revenge for Gervais’ Golden Globes jokes is a highlight of the episode.  After Depp warns that ‘no-one makes fun of Tim Allen on my watch’, he runs through a series of anti-Gervais jokes including ‘Why do people take an instant dislike to Ricky Gervais? It saves time’.

Away from Ricky’s office, we find out more about Warwick’s day-to-day life.  His relationship with his new secretary, the gormless Cheryl (played by Rosamund Hanson, previously seen in This Is England and This Is England 86), looks like being one of the highlights of the series, and this week she suggests that Warwick could find work as a chimney sweep, or even try to help catch paedophiles by dressing as a little girl.

Overall, episode 2 is a big improvement over episode 1, and Warwick Davis is showing that he can handle being a leading man in a sitcom.  Time will tell if Life’s Too Short will be acclaimed in the way The Office and Extras were, but if it continues to be as funny as episode 2, it will certainly be regarded as a success.

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