Not long now until Misfits makes it’s highly anticipated return for a third run. Sadly Robert Sheehan has left the series (for now), but he went out in style in the online short ‘Vegas Baby!’ Did you see it?

In case you don’t know about this fantastic brit series, where have you been? Misfits is the story of a group of teenagers doing community services for a variety of reasons, Nathan only stole some pick n mix you know. From drugs to arson this mixed bag of er…misfits are all affected by a freak storm and start to develop abilities. These range from mind reading, time travel and invisibility to causing a sexual frenzy through touch and immortality.

They soon learn they are not alone as other effected people come forward, some of them are good, some of them are bad and others are evil.

Naturally as they are the ASBO generation, trouble, mayhem and chaos are not far behind them. I may have given it a simplistic synopsis there but the show is such a breath of fresh air, sharply written by Howard Overman and all the cast are spot on. Series 2 was a huge step up for them, both visually and creatively bringing in a neat time travel sub plot that grows with importance with each passing episode. Well directed, the entire production crew work wonders on a tight budget. If you don’t own the box set – buy it now, it has a wealth of excellent extra features including deleted scenes, mini online episodes and detailed behind the scenes which are a must for any fan.

An US remake from Josh Schwartz is already in the works, which like all remakes only fills me with dread and a slightly sick feeling in my stomach. We also recently got a glimpse of new boy on the block Rudy, and now we have a full length trailer that shows us much more of what series 3 has in store for us. if you’ve not seen the trailer yet, here it is in all is glory!

Personally I am a huge fan of the show’s concept and whilst Nathan was brilliant and an extra reason to tune it, he wasn’t the only reason to watch the show. He was gloriously offensive but you just couldn’t help but root for him, Sheehan is a skilled actor, anybody who has seen his recent stint in The Playboy of the Western World at The Old Vic and last years Killing Bono can see he is no one trick foul-mouthed pony.

Time will tell if Rudy is simply a replacement but given how well crafted series 1 and 2 were and that the creative team are still the same, I think all will be well. It may take an episode or two of adjusting but we have 8 adventures this time round, which takes us nicely up to Christmas. Nathan is by no means written out for ever should Robert want to return it has been left wide open.

Misfits is back on Sunday the 30th of October, filling that Being Human shaped void in making our Sunday nights entertaining. Be sure to check out my weekly misfits reviews starting next Monday.

Chris Suffield
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