Chase: The Comeback Kid – Review

In this week’s instalment of Chase, Criminal of the week, Jack Duggan, decides to pay homage to his old criminal ways by going on a revenge killing spree…

Chase opens with excitement. Annie’s up to doing what she does best, chasing down bad guys; it’s not long before we witness Annie leaping from high-rise balconies, nearly killing herself in the process.

I was pleased that Action Annie from episode 1 had returned, after seemingly disappearing in last week’s episode. Sadly, it seems with the return of Action Annie, the writers feel it necessary to bombard us with the fact she has daddy issues.

It seems that Annie’s need to constantly take risks on the job stems from her father, who got himself killed by taking stupid risks.

Well that sorts that out.

Jimmy’s not impressed with Annie daredevil antics, and he lets her know exactly how he feels. You can tell he cares about her, but I can’t help but wonder when they are both just going to hook up. I don’t know if I only get that impression because they get the most screen time.

Again, it’s still a problem that we hardly know much about the rest of the team. To be fair, I think the whole episode really wouldn’t have missed Daisy, Marco and Luke. And that’s no attack on them; they should just be used a lot more effectively within the show.

Though once again, the show’s absolute saving grace comes in the form of the criminal of the week: Jack Duggan played by Robert Knepper (Prison Break).

Despite being the bad guy, Knepper is brilliant to watch (as he always is) and you can’t help but notice a bit of Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell seeping into his Jack Duggan character, which is always a bonus.

There was the chance here for the producers to have some wonderful screen time with Robert Knepper and Amuray Nolasco, maybe add a slight reference to Prison Break; a cheeky joke or two.

Surely that wasn’t asking for too much?

So, taking risks was the theme of The Comeback Kid. Even if it wasn’t so obvious, Jack Duggan reminds us by muttering “You gotta take the risks” as he’s being arrested at the end of the episode.

I just wonder if Bruckhiemer and Co. could do with taking some more risks. There are moments of action in Chase that pique my interest (mainly concerning what would Jack Druggan do next) but there are also too many moments of blandness.

Levi St John

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