After a fairly promising start, things seem to have taken a step in the wrong direction in the second instalment of Jerry Bruckheimer’s Chase

Fugitive of the week, Eduardo Lopez, opens the show by murdering the son of an US State Trooper; ramming his car off the road. What seems to be an act of vengeance (the State Trooper was responsible for Eduardo originally being arrested), we soon find out, Eduardo is only interested recovering the vehicles that were seized whilst he was incarcerated.

Eduardo Lopez, or Lobo, played by Robert LaSardo is probably one of the most entertaining elements of the entire episode. He steals each scene is in, and you can’t help but feel that nobody is safe when he’s around. Even the world’s ugliest dog couldn’t escape a grisly demise.

Gone is the round house kicking Annie Frost from last week’s pilot, and instead we get a slightly more subdued woman. In fact there’s only one moment that sticks out in my mind concerning Annie’s character, and that’s the tearful determination she shows when she tells the State Trooper ‘I’ll make sure I get him [The fugitive].”

Thankfully, there doesn’t appear to be anymore “subtle-as-a-sledgehammer” dialogue, hinting at Annie’s past either, which can only be a good thing.

On the subject character development, it would seem that the writers have given no thought at all to the rest of the team. Jimmy still seems to be having marital problems, but that’s as far as things go.

Marco Martinez (Amuray Nolasco) and Rose Collins (Daisy Ogbaa) were mainly effective setting up a joke where the Texan equivalent of Pat Butcher asked if they could both “speak English”, and the highlight of Jessie Metcalfe’s character role seemed to be that he got to drive a Subaru.

It was fitting that things come full circle and Lobo’s downfall came in the same manner as his first victim, which rounded the episode of nicely. Then we get to see the team enjoying a few cold ones in a pub, musing on how they would have spent a million dollars.

Almost felt very sitcom-esque.

I’m still sticking to my original verdict on Chase; the pilot episode showed promise. It’s just this episode, Repo, didn’t entertain me much at all. The episodes saving grace comes in the shape of the fugitive of the week, Robert LaSard’s Lobo.

Levi St. John

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