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Looking for something to do on this sunny weekend? Claire Stapley has a few ideas for you.

Love Is What You Want

18th May 2011 – 29th August 2011

Something which definitely shouldn’t be overlooked this weekend is Tracey Emins controversial art work at the Hayward Gallery. Enter the mind of Tracey Emin as her thoughts, projected through art are available for the public’s prying eyes. You will find a selection of Paintings, Drawings, Textiles, Video and Sculpture.  A must see this weekend as it finishes just before the end of this month!

Big Forest Picnic

Saturday 20th June:
Despite the rainy weather coming our way, that shouldn’t prevent you from attending the “Big Forest Picnic” in Hainult Forest, Chigwell.  A celebration of forests and wildlife, with storytelling, a self lead exciting trail and various other events, which have been organized by WWF, Visitwoods and Progressio.


London Road at The Cottesloe Theatre
Saturday 20th June
There are still a few tickets left for the “London Road” performance at the Cottesloe Theatre, there are two performances, a late afternoon performance (2:30pm) and an early evening performance (7:30) rated 5 stars by “whatsonstage.com” this performance is something that definitely shouldn’t be missed this weekend!


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