Hidden Moves – Illustrator Showcase

Hidden Moves is the toy box for the collected works of Welsh designer and illustrator Rhys Owens. He works digitally, manipulating photographs and 3D models, and is influenced by street art, music, films, comics and anything else his head can absorb. All of these things help him to create the steadily increasing cast of surreal characters that reside within Hidden Moves.
He is currently working on a number of new designs while attempting to beat back the urge to procrastinate (and failing).
If you or you someone that would like to be considered for a Vulture Hound showcase please get in contact at contribute@vulturehound.com
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One comment

  1. Hi There! After taking a liking to your work :)….
    I’m studying illustration at the university of gloucestershire, I am required to write a critical essay on an established, living figure in illustration or animation. I wondered if I could use you? This essay should form an original investigation into the illustrator’s life and most especially their practice, looking at working methods, idea generation, influences and direction.
    if so, here are a few questions i’d like to ask:

    1) Who are your influences and could you tell me a little about them…what was it about their work that interested you?

    2) Are you self taught? when did you decide to become an illustrator?

    3) what is your motivation for your success? e.g (mine is my dad, he passed away and my work is in dedication to him)

    4) what influence did negativity, people who doubted you or put you down (if there are any) have on you?

    5) Where did you train to become an illustrator and is it something you’ve always wanted to do?

    6) What is your favourite piece of work ever?

    7) Have you exhibited your work in a gallery?

    8) Can you tell me about your background?

    9) and anything else youd like to share! the more information provided by you the better!

    hope to hear from you 🙂

    Charl Davies