A suggestion about for your TV viewing this week:

Monday 4th July

New Tricks – BBC1 9pm

Return of this BBC Drama about three older male detectives and Amanda Redman as their boss, they run an Unsolved Crimes & Open Case Squad.  It stars Dennis Waterman but no news of whether his wrote or sung the theme tune.

Tuesday 5th July

Luther – BBC1 9pm

The last in the series concludes with a bang as the Dice Throwing Killer (my name not the shows) continues his killing spree.  I’m not sure my hype can quite express the chaos of this show.

Falling Skies – FX 9pm

Brand new from theUS, produced by Steven Spielberg and starring Noah Wylie (from ER) an invasion of Earth leads to resistance force being formed.  Maybe this can save Sci Fi on TV.

Nurse Jackie – Sky Atlantic 10pm

Series 3 starts on Sky Atlantic tonight shortly after BBC2 finish showing Series 2.  Jackie is a Nurse with a pill addiction and a family.

Wednesday 6th July

The Apprentice – BBC 1 9pm

The final 6 are now given the task of selling a warehouse full of stuff then instructed by Lord Sugar to restock the big sellers and make money.  With only two more episodes to go surely you have all picked a winner by now (mine is Helen).

The Apprentice You’re Fired – BBC 2 10pm

Dara O’Briain is joined by Ruby Wax who is always my favourite guest on this show; she is witty, cutting and a huge fan of the series.

The Wire – FX 10pm

Series 2 starts tonight, not perceived as the best of the 5 but still a good slow building series.  If you like Dockers (people not the shoes) then this is the series for you.

Thursday 7th July

The Killing – C4 9pm – Two Episodes

The US remake of the Danish drama shown on BBC Four earlier this year starts with a double header as the search for Rosie Larsen’s killer begins.

The Apprentice the Final Five – BBC1 9pm

Each time the Apprentice is on the BBC like to maximise its viewing potential by profiling the final few as they head into the dreaded Interview stage.  I’m not sure how much new footage you will get on this show.

The Big Bang Theory – E4 9pm

Nerd Alert – Penny gives Sheldon acting lessons…maybe he wants a part on Star Trek the movie?

Law & Order – Sky 1 11pm

The 20th and final series starts tonight; this long running and often copiedUS drama has finally run its course.  Still good though.

Friday 8th July

Castle – C5 9pm

Castle and Beckett investigate a list of suspects following a murder which include a hotel magnate, political rival and an ambitious wife…what could go wrong!

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