Top Film Releases (July 20th)

Well here it is. The first real look at the plot, tone and look of the last film in Christopher Nolan’s epic Dark Knight Trilogy. I’ll be sad when it sinks in he won’t do more.

The trailer isn’t exactly generous with information, but what it does give away is like a free sample outside a cookie store that’s not opening for 12 months. That one solitary bite hooks you and now you have to wait 363 day for the craving to be satisfied.

No sign of Catwoman unfortunately but what we do get is: A head shot of Bane wearing a mask; Comissioner Gordon lying on a hospital bed, begging the Batman to come back and most intriguing is the last frame. Batman backing off a fight, scared.

The film seems to be setting up a scenario similar to Spiderman 2 where Peter Parker gets sick of the personal torment that comes with costumed crime fighting. He’s given up, meaning the city is now being run by the criminals he used to lock up and his return is desperately sought by the people. But nobody really cares about the answers they get, they care more about the answers they don’t have. How did Gordon get the crap beat out of him? What’s with all the falling debris? And how exactly does Selina Kyle fit into all this?

I guess we’ll just have to wait until July 20th 2011 to find out.

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By Lee Hazell

Lee is the Vulture Hound TV Editor.

One thought on “The Dark Knight Rises”
  1. I’ve read a few theories about what’s going on. In the comic books, Bane breaks Batman’s back. Perhaps he breaks Gordon’s back, prompting Bats to return?

    What I would like to know is, who is the person seemingly watching Bane and Batman about to get it on? A sniper? A hostage?

    Also, there’s been talk that Batman is going to get re-booted almost immediately, and that Nolan would be a producer. Having seen the trailer for the Amazing Spiderman, I hope they hold off on that, because that trailer just looks like a rehash of Raimi’s Spiderman.