A suggestion about for your TV viewing this week

Monday 27th June

Carnivale – Sky Atlantic 9pm

You may have read about this series in a previous “How did you miss?” article (www.tinyurl.com/carnivale) and now it’s your chance to see the show from the start.  It’s set in a 1930’s dust bowl following the fortunes of a travelling freak show circus.  Give it a whirl!

Sirens – C4 10pm

No not the Hugh Grant film but a new comedy starring Rhys Thomas as a paramedic, also stars Kayvan Novak (Phonejacker), might be good.

Tuesday 28th June

Luther – BBC1 9pm

After last weeks Spring Heeled Jack Killer case concluded we start another two parter which will see Luther sink further into his own head and of course trouble.

Burn Notice – 5* 9pm

Series 3 of the Spy Thriller starts with an old friend approaching Michael.  If you don’t know about this slick series then you should, it follows a former Spy after he is cut off from his employers whilst staying inMiami.

Wednesday 29th June

The Apprentice – BBC 1 9pm

This week the two teams have to create and market a new type of Biscuit, who will crumble under the pressure (sorry).  If you like the shows why not listen to my podcast www.tinyurl.com/thegaryshow

The Apprentice – You’re Fired – BBC 2 10pm

Dara O’Briain is joined by Comedian Bob Mortimer and Karen Brady to interview the fired candidate and review this week’s episode.

Thursday 30th June

The Big Bang Theory – E4 9pm

Part two of Series 4 restarts tonight with the geeks heading to a science convention.  This is fast becoming my favourite sitcom.  And yes we might all know someone like Sheldon.

How I Met Your Mother – E4 9.30pm

The new “Friends” continues its ongoing search for Ted’s wife….

Mock the Week – BBC 2 10pm

Dara and the gang are back to gently mock the recent news stories, one of this weeks guests are Milton Jones who is worth the 30 minutes alone!

Friday 1st July

Castle – C5 9pm

Episode 3  is set around the finding of a wealthy man inCentral Park but ends with a Dangerous Liaison-esque group of school kids playing with people’s lives.

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