A suggestion about for your TV viewing this week

Monday 13th June

Stargate Universe – Sky One 8pm

The last ever episode see the crew of the Destiny heading to the edge of the Galaxy.

Case Histories – BBC 1 9pm (part two of two)

Part 1 is on Sunday (catch up on BBC Iplayer if you miss it) this week Keith Allen guest stars as a washed up comedian…has he method acting up till now then?

Tuesday 14th June

Luther – BBC1 9pm

Idris Elba returns as the gritty cop Luther, expect dark storylines as Luther tracks a killer who uses a Halloween mask as his calling card.  This could now be the BBC’s flagship crime drama as Waking the Dead has ended.

Wednesday 15th June

The Apprentice – BBC 1 9pm

The two teams have to come up with a new Magazine, so look for lots of shouts of “Hold the front page” and the usual Nick Hewer sucking a lemon camera shots.

The Apprentice – You’re Fired – BBC 2 10pm

Dara O’Briain is joined by Nick Hewer, Jenny Éclair and Claudine Collins to interview the fired candidate and review this week’s episode.  Almost as well as I do on my podcast (search The Gary Show on Itunes)…plug ends here

Nikita – Sky Living 9pm

This spy action remake returns this week after a longer than normal midseason break, good news is that it has been renewed for Series 2.

Thursday 16th June

The Shadowline – BBC 2 9pm

Hugo Blick’s masterpiece draws to a close as Counterpoint and Gatehouse are finally revealed.  I think most of this series is still on the BBC Iplayer and I implore you to check it out.

Mock the Week – BBC 2 10pm

Dara and the gang are back to gently mock the recent news stories, two of this weeks guests are Chris Addison and Ed Byrne.

Friday 17th June

Castle – C5 9pm

Nathan Fillion stars as Rick Castle, Crime Writer who due to a friendship with the Mayor can follow New York Detective Kate Beckett as she purses criminals.  C5 have bought the repeats rights to this popular US Drama which is shown first on Alibi in this country (there are halfway through S3).  If you like well written crime drama mixed with comedy then you will love this.

Dexter – FX 10pm

The series killer drama returns to FX for Series 5.  Dexter must deal with the shocking events at the end of Series 4.

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