A suggestion for your TV viewing this week:

Sunday 5th June

Hawaii Five O – Sky One 9pm

This excellent US import continues to impress me, this week the Five O force investigate an “accident” in a Comic Book convention, which given that Masi Oka (Hiro from Heroes) features heavily should be a joy.

Case Histories – BBC 1 9pm (concludes Monday at 9pm)

New six part drama series, three two part stories, about a private detective starring Jason Isaacs, someone on twitter described this as “Midsommer Murders for the BBC”.

Monday 6th June

Stargate Universe – Sky One 8pm

OK, there might only be two episodes left, but until Falling Skies appears in July get your US TV Sci Fi whilst you can.

Injustice – ITV 9pm (on each night at 9pm and concludes on Friday)

A Psychological thriller featuring a family who relocate to escape a nervous breakdown by the father only to be visited by an old friend.

Tuesday 7th June

CSI – Five 9pm

The season finale of Series 11 which should showcase the Serial Killer (Nate Haskell) storyline.

Smallville – E4 9pm

Tenth (and final) series of the early life of Superman at High School/College/Newspaper.

Wednesday 8th June

The Apprentice – BBC 1 9pm

Not technically Drama but certainly dramatic, this week Teams’ Logic and Venture must make money from other people’s trash…sounds rubbish doesn’t it? (sorry)

Justified – Five USA 10pm

Continuation of Series 2 of this excellent US Drama featuring Timothy Olyphant as a US Marshall set in Kentucky.

Supernatural – Sky Living 10pm

The long awaited start of Series 6 (5 ended almost a year ago!), it’s also the first without show creator Eric Kripke.

Thursday 9th June

The Shadowline – BBC 2 9pm

One of the best UK Drama’s to be shown in the last few years, if you have missed it the DVD is an essential purchase.

Friday 10th June

NCIS – FX 9pm

Another season finale, another serial killer storyline (maybe Dexter has influenced US TV more than we know!), will Gibbs and the team halt the Port to Port Killer?

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