The new trailer for Stephen Spielberg’s long awaited adaptation of Herge’s most famous creation.

The trailer definitly showcases the incredible fidelity of the computer animation. For the real CG geeks out there check out the moment when Tintin uncovers a display case by pulling back the covering cloth.  But for everybody else the real meat of the trailer is clearly in the fact that it looks to stay true to the spirit of adventure and intrigue that made Tintin such a famous character in the 40’s and 50’s. This looks to be what your grandfather might call a ripping yarn, an old school boys own adventure of the old fashioned variety. But will it be too old fashioned for modern audiences?

P.S can’t quite seem sure why they are so reluctant to show everyone’s faces. It seems like a throwback to the first few seconds of Raiders but it also could be a lack of confidence in the facial expressions of their character models. Remember, realistic CGI movies suffered a bad reputation after The Polar Express gave kids nightmares with their uncanny valley faces and dead eyes.

Lee Hazell


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