Vulture Hound Guest Playlist #2 from Absolute Radio DJ and TV funny man Iain Lee. Over to Iain…

So, I’ve been asked to pick some songs and tell you why I like them. It sounds like an easy thing to do but it’s actually pretty tough. The choice I make now is just where my head is today, at 4.40 on a Wednesday afternoon. If you asked me tomorrow or this morning or last year, it would probably be completely different.

OK. Here goes.

1 – I’ve Just Seen a Face by The Kuricorder Quartet (Listen)

A Japanese folk band that play recorders and ukuleles? Yeah, sounds silly doesn’t it? How can they be any good. Well, they are. They are awesome. It’s just such sweet, ego free, joyous music. The band recently came over           for their first ever shows in the UK and I got them a gig headlining after a load of rock and avant garde bands. As the night went on, I kind of thought I’d made a terrible mistake getting them the gig. No way was this audience     going to like them. But I was wrong. They totally had them eating out of their recorder playing hands. And this version of The Beatles classic was so much fun.

2 – Pitagora Suitchi by The Kuricorder Quartet (Listen)
Oh go on. As you enjoyed the last one so much, have another. It’s the theme tune to a mental Japanese kids show. I’m not even going to bother explaining it. Look it up on YouTube. You will not be disappointed.

3 – Marcella by The Beach Boys (Listen)
I love this song. It’s a great lost classic. Taken from the pretty poor Carl and the Passions LP from about 1972, this is a great track. You should hear Brian do it live now. It totally rocks. Is it about a masseuse/nurse that used         to give him a happy finish? I dunno. That’s the story I heard and that’s what I’m sticking with.

4 – Rainmaker by Michael Nesmith (Listen)
Great tune. Great singer. Totally underrated. I’m a huge Monkees fan and they often get a bad press for being crap and not being able to do this or that. Who cares. They’re ace. And they’re solo stuff is pretty nifty too. We all know his mum invented Tippex, but did you know HE invented MTV?

5 – Temptation Girl by Box (Listen)
 This is what The Beatles would sound like if they were making music in the early 90’s. And were Japanese. Seriously, this is the best Beatles song The Beatles never recorded. In Japanese. Box are a great band and the album this comes from is full of nods to the fab four. A real pop treat.

6 – Easter Theatre by XTC (Listen)
Joyous. Partridge at his word playing best with a marvellous tune and intelligent instrumental. Absolute filth of course, as his songs usually are.

7 – Mr. Churchill Says by The Kinks (Listen)
Forget the Village Green. Arthur is what it’s all about. A superb story that can bring me to tears. If I’m tired, obviously. A great little rocker. Surprisingly, this album sold about 9 copies. People are stupid.

8 – Baby Love Child by Pizzicato Five (Listen)
Can you tell I like Japanese music? I guess all this stuff is coming up because I’ve been DJ-ing at some Japanese nights recently. Also my band, Boomhauer X, sing all our songs in Japanese and we’ve been playing some gigs recently. Ooh, I wonder if we are on Spotify?

9 – Push Me Under by Boomhauer X (Listen)
 Yes. Turns out we are! That’s sweet. I wrote this with my mate Spencer Smith. Sung by Momoko. Backing vocals? Me? Could be. It’s a bit of fun and the horns really take it somewhere special I think. Nothing clever here. Just a laugh. Hope you like it.

10 – Daydream Believer by The Monkees (Listen)
It’s a cliche, but that’s just how good it is. My favourite song of all time. Honestly. I love it. I sing it to my boy when he can’t sleep. Everytime I hear it I get a chill and can feel a little bit of magic happening. It’s true.

11 – Blind in Safety and Leafy in Love by Cardiacs (Listen)
 Really? Monkees followed by Cardiacs? That’s how I roll these days kids. A beautiful song. Lots of love Tim.

12 – Glory Road by Neil Diamond (Listen)
And then he’s back. It’s great this, innit? I was brought up by Neil Diamond. Not literally. Just he was always playing in the house. Not literally. I used to hate him. Now I love him. this song also has the line ‘get by bumming’ which is a very powerful statement on poverty in the states. over here, it’s just funny.

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Vulture Hound Guest Playlist #2 // Iain Lee


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