Following on from the first film this is set before the major incident happened. This leads to a somewhat confusing start as you don’t understand why the original character and her ‘dead’ boyfriend are happily on camera.

Once you understand that this is the case it settles into a story. This time it is based around the main character from the first films sister and her family. There is her husband, her step-daughter, a newborn baby and a dog. Plus the two from the original film pop over every now and then.

This is a typical horror movie, a ghost is believed to haunt the house resulting in some very long shots looking at  various rooms, meaning the audience is just waiting for something to happen. There are a few circumstances where the timing is perfect. You are staring at the screen waiting for something to happen and then it does – making you jump out of your skin in the process. This is namely the kitchen scene and the scene with the young girl in the lounge, so watch out for them.

All in all, it does its job as a scary film. There are parts that you are sat there cowering in fear and there are some parts that make you jump. Unfortunately there are also some parts that make you think ‘yeah right’. This could be the story itself as towards the end it gets a bit weak and doesn’t really feel like it has much direction.

If you are a hardened scary film fan then isn’t for you as it may not be too scary and a bit pointless, but if you scare easily and fancy a few jumps then this is definitely the film to watch.

Gemma Voakes – Pearson