My Eyes! MY EYES!

If anyone who views this video as anything other than a crime against God, please vacate the space in front of you’re computer and cleanse yourself. With fire.

“We Dare” (notice how Nintendo wouldn’t let them spell it “Wii Dare”) is the latest in Ubisoft’s “Games You Can Feel” initiative. Although what you’re supposed to feel with this boggles the mind and shivers the very essence of the soul.

The game encourages you to hide the Wiimotes in an unspeakable fashion in order to get you’re Mii’s (small, mascot like versions of yourself, designed to appeal to families with children) to perform strangely innocent looking tasks despite the dubious nature of the player’s prompted actions.

How the actors kept straight faces and how the developers escaped from the lunatic asylum are questions still up for debate.

Lee Hazell

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