Let Me In is described as both a horror and a thriller but it is definitely more down the thriller route. The horror really only applies to the violence, so if you’re not keen on horror movies  don’t let the description put you off.

The film has quite a slow start and takes a while to set up the story. Owen lives in an apartment complex with his mum but is somewhat of a recluse. He is bullied at school and spends his time at home playing on his own in the courtyard or spying on his neighbours from his bedroom. Its spying from his bedroom one night that see’s him spot his new next door neighbour Abby played by Chloe Grace Moretz.

The next night Owen is out playing in quite a sadistic way, he is pretending to intimidate a girl with a knife, when Abby steps behind him and tells him that they can’t be friends. Inevitably this starts a friendship. Abby tells him to stick up for himself with the bullies, Owen gives her a rubiks cube and they both learn morse code so they can talk to each other through the walls of their apartments.

In between this blossoming friendship, you see Abby’s dad go out and kill someone, so you start to see that things might not be what they first seem. Abby is in fact a young vampire. When her dad’s kill fails you see this as she goes out and kills someone herself.

The story progresses and as it is a thriller there are lots of long thoughtful looking shots, with words being spoken quietly and dramatically to add effect. Owen continues to get bullied, even after he sticks up for himself and Abby is still fighting for blood. Plus when her dad dies it means she has to go it alone and keep out of the police’s way.

At one point Owen suggests making a pact and cuts himself, causing Abby to go off the rails and this is when he sees the true Abby. He also figures out that it wasnt her dad but in fact a boy who had met Abby when he was younger and then stayed with her. Of course he doesn’t beat the aging process so he has to pose as her dad.

The only disappointing thing about this film is when Abby attacks someone, you can see it is CGI and unfortunately the computer graphics are just not that good. However, it is a brilliant performance from Chloe Moretz and its hard to believe just how young she is. This film is ultimately about friendship against the odds with a bit of blood and gore thrown in. Once you get through the slow start, it is a brilliant film and well worth a watch.

Gemma Voakes – Pearson