Hear them first: Spongers Vs The Whole World

Spongers are a South London based band made up of Larry Weaver, his son Stanley, his brother Martin, Victoria Matthews and Joe Singfield. They sit somewhere between the alt rock and pop genres, with a nice  folky edge in places, and they really do have a song for any occassion.

Being asked to feature on Vulture Hound presented a blessing and curse for Spongers; picking a trio of songs to feature was going to be a huge  challenge for a band that have accumulated over 100 tunes, but in Larry’s own words,

“our music seems to fit into 3 distinct categories … the dark and moody , the light and breezy and the downright heavy !!!”

… and I agree that this selection sums that up wonderfully.

1. Just Do It

2. Kill the Cow featuring Lara Smiles

3. Black Eyes


If you liked these, you can find loads more  and check out the latest album ‘Resindue’ by visiting their site:


Lucy Perry

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