Hall Pass is a comedy about two grown men who are given a week off of their marriage to pursue other interests, mainly women. This film from the Farrelly brothers centres around two main characters Rick played by Owen Wilson and Fred played by Jason Sudeikis. After getting annoyed with their obsession with sex and looking at other women the two mens wives decide to give them a week off marriage. This is following the advice from another friend that the men wont actually cheat and that it will improve their marriages.

What follows are some funny scenarios that see the men in some awkward and difficult situations, as well as some familiar situations that actually prevent them from going on ‘the pull’. They waste the first day by eating so much food that they feel stuffed and then just want to go home and sleep. They have some friends who tag along and although they don’t have a hall pass they join them to watch how they get on. One of these friends is played by Stephen Merchant. He is his usual funny self but you can’t help thinking that his one-liners that have made him famous in his own right don’t quite fit in with this american film. He is credited in the trailer and on the film poster but really only has a small role compared to the starring characters. It seems as though this may be to pull in the english audience. It is nice to see him in a film holding his own.

Some of the situations the men get into are funnier than others and you can’t help thinking that the film could be a lot funnier than it actually is. It seems to be trying too hard to be as funny as some of the films that have come before without actually reaching the mark. This could be because it also shows what the women are thinking and feeling too. So it does have a spin on the romance side rather than just bog standard comedy. The film is definitely worth a watch and although you may be wanting a bit more comedy there are certainly some points of the film that will make you laugh out loud and want to tell your friends about.