'Grown Ups' – DVD Review

If you’re a bit tired of the typical Adam Sandler film, you know the type the film sets the story for his character, his character gets angry and something goes wrong and then at the end his character is happier and the situation is resolved. Then this film is something you should watch as surprisingly it is not like that.

Adam Sandler seems somewhat more mature in this role and definitely back to his best as he was when his career started in his earlier films. Grown Ups also sees some famous American comedians join him, some that have already worked with Sandler which helps the on-screen chemistry.

Kevin James, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider and David Spade are also in this film which sees the friends return to their hometown to attend a funeral.

The film starts with the five friends in a flashback as children winning a basketball tournament. It then goes to the present and you see each friend in their grown up lives receive a phone call and plan to go back for the funeral of their basketball coach. The actors have been chosen superbly as the on-screen chemistry is brilliant. You really get the feeling that they are friends off-screen and that they probably had a lot of fun filming. All in all it leads to a really convincing performance and is good for the film.

What follows is a lot of fun. It shows the adults reminiscing and acting like children while teaching their own children how to have fun. It is very funny and although some of it is slapstick it does make you laugh out loud. There are some aspects of subtle comedy that make you chuckle too, in particular a dog that has had its vocal chords clipped so produces a very amusing bark.

If you are a fan of Adam Sandler or any of the comedians then definitely watch this film if you havent already. If you are not necessarily a fan but like comedy then still watch this film. The storyline is not too in-depth and provides some light-hearted, funny entertainment for just over an hour and a half!

Gemma Voakes – Pearson

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