Due Date is a comedy that involves some famous faces and follows a rather used storyline of a character in trouble and then taking a funny journey to get home or where they need to be at the end of the film.

The film starts with Peter played by Robert Downey Jr talking to his pregnant wife on the phone about a dream he had. He is then in a car on the way to the airport to make his way home to his wife. However, before he even steps foot into the airport he runs into Ethan played by Zach Galifianakis (that one from the hangover) which means that his travel gets delayed.

Ethan’s sheer stupidity sees him and Peter put on the no fly list meaning they both have to find a way  back to L.A. Peter has left his wallet on the plane so can’t get a car, but Ethan has already rented one and offers to take them both back.

This then sees a long and eventful journey. They crash the car they are in, end up in hospital, have a fight with an attendant in a wheelchair, get high and escape from Mexican police. There is also a lot of question asking on the way which gives the audience an insight as to who the characters are. You learn that Ethan is a massive two and a half men fan for example.

There are many mishaps along the way, which even means that Jamie Foxx is introduced as a character. Of course the journey means that the two men do actually become friends by the end of the film – it may not be the conventional we will be friends forever type of friendship, but a friendship is formed no less.

As there are some big names in this film you expect it to be a big success and very funny. Unfortunately it is not, the acting is brilliant – that can’t be faulted. But it is just not as funny as you want it to be. There are some funny moments that do make you laugh out loud, these usually include a car door bizarrely.

High expectations are inevitable with this film as it is advertised as a comedy but although it may not make your sides split as much as you may want or expect them to, it is still an easy watching film that can be enjoyed alone or amongst friends.

Gemma Voakes – Pearson

By Vulture Hound

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