I’ve just returned from watching True Grit and found it a fine way to spend 110 minutes on a Saturday night, they flew by. It didn’t drag and overstay it’s welcome. But saying that for a change I actually wanted the film to go on a little longer as I felt that something more could happen. After all of the build up throughout the film I was left a little disappointed with the climax.

Jeff Bridges gives the quality of performance you come to expect from him as you warm to Rooster Cogburn throughout the film. Matt Damon is another nice guy in the film. Perhaps I found the whole film a bit nice overall. Even with hangings and gunshots due to the girl it all comes across as too nice. Maybe that isn’t a bad thing though? May be I have the problem.

I guess as a Coen Brother’s cowboy film you can make some obvious comparisons to their Oscar winning No Country For Old Men, which has probably become one of my favourite films. There is an old man (Bridges) and it’s a chase in the west. Comparing True Grit with No Country left me wanting some more memorable characters, a more memorable villain perhaps? Maybe next thing I should do is compare it with the original 1969 version of True Grit instead of another film by the directors, or just take it as a film in it’s own right.

Will it win best picture at the Oscars? At the timing of writing this I have seen 6 out of the 10 of the films and would probably put this near the bottom end of that list. Not because it’s bad; because it definitely isn’t  bad, but because I feel that this has something missing to make it a really great film. But what do I know? Will Jeff Bridge’s win best actor? My personal favourite for this is Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network, but I think that Colin Firth has this one for The King’s Speech. Perhaps Hailee Steinfeld who plays the young Mattie Ross who stands up to all of the men in her fight for justice to avenge her dad’s killer should also been considered for best female as she stands her ground well on screen with Kevin Bridges.

Overall the film is worth a watch, but if you are expecting similar to No Country For Old Men then you may come out not disappointed, but maybe a little underwhelmed. Saying that it is a good film that does have some lighthearted moments within it’s western confines.