If you’re a fan of Adam Sandler you will love this movie.

After releasing Grown Ups – a film which reeked of ‘playing it safe’ with non-too-interesting characters and a weak plot – Sandler returns with a back on form story of a plastic surgeon, Danny, who goes through his life making up stories about an unsuccessful (and non-existent) marriage on the strength that it will win him sympathy and dates with attractive women whom he won’t get tied down to. This works for him until he meets the one woman he really wants to be with; the sexy young schoolteacher, Palmer – played by Brooklyn Decker. After their first date, Palmer finds Danny’s fake-wedding ring and demands to know the truth. He cooks up a story about how he is getting a divorce, which satisfies his new girlfriend, until she wants to meet his soon-to-be ex-wife.Danny’s single-mother assistant, Katherine – played by Jennifer Aniston – reluctantly agrees to take on the role of his fake ex-wife to help him out, and she adopts a name for her ‘character’ based on her high-school nemesis, Devlin. Up to this point, the film has enough going on in it and although the outcome is so predictable you don’t need to see the film, it is really good fun and quite moving at the right time (spotting the cameos from Sandler’s regular chums is good too, although sadly there’s no Rob Schenider here.)

In parts Just Go With It brings to mind the earlier film, 50 First Dates, and it leaves you wondering if it was just an excuse to film in Hawaii again. However, the film feels more familiar and what you would expect from an Adam Sandler movie. Beautiful women and beautiful scenery help the story along but it wouldn’t be half as good without Aniston playing Katherine.

A lot of the humour comes from the interaction between Sandler and his ‘fake’ kids who are amusing in themselves and the addition of Nicole Kidman appearing as Devlin feels over the top as the story moves along just as well without her.

Just Go With It won’t appeal to those who don’t already like Sandler, but it’s one for the fans and a cheap alternative to real winter sun.


This was a contribution from Kat Reynolds