'Despicable Me' – Film Review

Yet another animated film has appeared offering the comedy value – except with this film it actually does.

Despicable Me starts in Eygpt with some tourists viewing a pyramid. A child who is with the group runs off and up some scaffolding immediately making the audience think this could be a film with a lot of action. The boy falls off of the scaffolding into the pyramid which is not real and actually an inflatable. This makes you stop and think, woah whats going on?

The scene is then set for the whole film. A new super genius thief is on the loose and when Gru a criminal mastermind voiced by Steve Carell finds out, he is not happy. He thinks of a new plan to become the top thief again with the help of his minions and scientist Dr Nefario voiced by Russell Brand.

The plan is to steal the moon but he cant do this with out the super shrink ray gun, a plan is hatched to steal the gun but in the process Gru’s new enemy Vector steals the gun from him. Gru then tries everything he can to break into Vector’s house but with no luck. While he is observing he sees that three local orphan children selling cookies gain access to Vector’s house so this results in Gru adopting the children to use them in his scheme.

As this is a family film it is inevitable that the storyline and therefore ending are quite predictable and happy but the route that the story takes is undoubtedly funny. The main reason for the comedy is the minions and their antics. They tend to fight with each other and get themselves into funny situations like photocopying body parts. They also interact with the orphan children resulting in yet more laughs.

This film is perfect for the family as the storyline isn’t too harsh and upsetting and the minions appeal to all ages, therefore ensuring that the children are enteratained as well as the adults!

Contributed by Gemma Voakes – Pearson