Imagine waking up in a dark surrounding, not knowing where you are or how you got there – well that is exactly what happens to the main character Paul Conroy in this film played by Ryan Reynolds.

The film starts with some interesting yet tedious typography and then the screen is plunged into darkness, this feels like ages but in reality it is for about a minute. Just when you think the film has stopped working you hear a cough and some noises. Then a light comes on via a zippo lighter and you see a somewhat distraught looking man.

As the film progresses you realise there are some other items in the coffin with the character. The main being a blackberry phone, a lighter and some pencils. Paul starts to phone some people to try and help him get out of the terrifying situation. He first tries to contact his family with no luck, the police and the company he works for. From these phone calls you find out the reason why he has been put in the box and what he is supposed to do to get himself out of the situation.

The whole film is set inside the coffin with Paul, so you feel all the emotions that he goes through. The frustration he feels when people believe he is not telling the truth on the phone. The anger he feels when the kidnapper demands he does things. The fear he feels when a snake comes in through a hole in the box.

All in all it is a very gripping film that keeps you watching. You want to make sure that he is found and gets out alive and you want people to take him seriously and reasure him when he is on the phone to them. You also dont want the mobile phone battery to die!

If you are after a film that is full of action but not in the conventional way of cars blowing up and guns being shot then this is the film for you – a definate must watch!