Miss Vincent @ O2 Academy2 Islington, London

Photos: Georgia Penny Photo

Back in May Southampton punk rock outfit Miss Vincent released their third EP ‘Somewhere Else’. The songwriting, production and overall musicianship has grown considerably since their previous efforts and will appeal to fans of latter day AFI. With the five track EP ringing in my ears I headed down to the O2 Islington 2, on the what was probably the shittest day of rain all year, where they were playing in support of Energy.

Brighton punkers River Jumpers started the evening with good time skate vibes. Fun was the name of their game and lead singer Nic Davies got the initially meek crowded fully on board by the end of the set. It’s throwback enough to appeal to fans of the heyday of Blink 182 but enough of it’s own beast to set them apart from the crowd. I’ll definitely be checking for them in the future.

Mixed in among the crowd there was a noticeable amount of jackets baring Creeper patches. Energy recently supported the band on their UK tour and clearly they made some fans. These same fans showed massive appreciation for Miss Vincent as they took to the stage, those in attendance clearly fans. Smashing through the recent songs from ‘Somewhere Else’ the crowd were largely familiar with the lyrics, accompanying each song announcement with enthusiastic whooping.

I caught Miss Vincent a couple of years ago at Surya in Kings Cross, the band that played this evening where worlds apart from what I saw then. Lead vocalist Alex Marshall has always been a charismatic presence on stage and the band as unit show the same confidence. The skater punk sound that existed before has been refined into something much bigger. The guitars, played by Marshall and Lawrie Pattison have now taken on a grander, anthemic sound. Bassist Owain Mainwaring sported an infectious smile throughout, which spread to the crowd. Jack Donnelly, barely visible behind the drum kit made his presence known playing with fury. Songs like ‘The Lovers’ and ‘Cold Hands’ sounded bigger than the stage they were being playing on. They’re a band that now look and sound like they’re ready for the next big push in their career both musically and venue size.

Despite not being a full room that night, maybe folk were put off by the shitty shitty weather, each person in that crowd were fully on board. If they weren’t fans before they most probably are now. For a setlist comprised mostly of songs about heartbreak and melancholy, the energy exuded by the music and the charm of the band left everyone smiling at the end.