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TRACK OF THE DAY (20/06/17): Dead Cross – Seizure and Desist

What’s the best word to sum up the intro to ‘Seizure and Desist‘, the latest track from SoCal supergroup, Dead Cross?

I’ll tell you, it’s this: AGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!111!!!!!1!!

Dave Lombardo‘s blast beat and Justin Pearson‘s rumbling bass will send shock waves through your lungs, causing you to convulse with an involuntary acid reflux; it is so fuckin’ heavy. Throw in some typically ferocious and reverberant Mike Patton vocal harmonies, and we get another delightfully brutal cut from the band’s upcoming album.

Describing the record as one of the “most brutal albums I’ve ever done”, ex-Slayer man, Lombardo is joined by the Locust‘s Justin Pearson, Retox guitarist Michael Crain, and all round vocal God, Mike Patton, for the band’s self titled debut, Dead Cross – due on August 4th.

The track follows the release of debut single, ‘Grave Slave’ back in May.

Watch the video for ‘Seizure and Desist’, directed and animated by Eric Livingston, below.

Talking about the new video, Justin Pearson says, “as far as I’m concerned, It sums up the current social and political climate of today. For a lot of humanity, this world is a mean motherfucking place. The video captures the severity of the times we live in, as well as a means to communicate beyond basic language using iconic imagery, campy techniques, historical relevance, as well as a glimpse into the future.

Dead Cross is due out on August 4th via Patton’s own label, Ipecac Records. All pre-order options can be found, here.

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