Snatched – Is Amy Schumer funny?

Pretty much everyone is familiar with Amy Schumer, the female comedian famous for her unfiltered approach to comedy. The jokes she makes are vulgar and controversial to say the least. Many say they don’t even find her funny, but with her current success she’s unstoppable right now, so she must be doing something right.

Her recent film Trainwreck, turning her from stand-up comedian to first time screenwriter, grossed an impressive $140 million worldwide. Her latest film Snatched has also done well at the box office in its opening weekend sparking the possibility of similar success.

In Snatched, Amy Schumer plays impetuous daydreamer Emily Middleton, who persuades her cautious mother Linda (Goldie Hawn) to accompany her on an exotic getaway to South America. During the trip, the pair are kidnapped for ransom and embark upon an outrageous jungle adventure.

You’ll probably enjoy Snatched if you’re an Amy Schumer fan. It is a funny film but it could be much funnier. There are no hilarious or laugh-until-you-cry moments and that may leave audiences feeling a little disappointed.

Overall Snatched is fun, silly and highly predictable, exactly what you might expect. Just don’t have any high expectations before seeing this film. It lacks the art of great storytelling and any really original jokes. What does this mean for women in comedy films?

Despite it being 2017, comedy films starring two strong female leads are still rare. There’s fierce male competition in comedy who have raised the bar high and it’s fair to say that Snatched falls short of this. It doesn’t do anything positive for women in comedy as it portrays women as funny in a very predictable way.

Starring in Snatched is a big deal for Goldie Hawn who plays Schumer’s mother, as it’s the first time she’s returned to the big screen in fifteen years. Known for her comedy roles in Rowan and Martin’s TV Review Laugh In (1968-1970), she’s a female icon in comedy.

Hawn portrays her role as the overprotective mother in Snatched perfectly and her performance does not reflect the rest of the film, which is far from perfect. Goldie Hawn proves that women in comedy films do not have a shelf life and should still be cast as a lead and key character no matter their age.

Schumer on the other hand proves only that she is capable of portraying herself in a comedy film. Watching Snatched, it feels like we are just watching Amy Schumer play Amy Schumer. Perhaps her talents lie in stand-up comedy and are less suited to film. Is Amy Schumer actually funny? Let’s just say her humour is best described as Marmite. Many hate it but there are a lot who love it.

Schumer’s jokes target a specific audience with a certain sense of humour and it would be unfair to say that she isn’t funny. Her oversharing may seem unnecessary to some, but a lot of women will find her and the stories she tells very relatable. Her raw honesty is refreshing and more importantly, it’s funny.

There is still some way to go for women in comedy films. Comedy genius Tina Fey, the first ever female head writer of Saturday Night Live and well known for writing and starring in Emmy Award-winning television series 30 Rock, has recently commented on how it is currently a terrible time for women in comedy. On occasion they have been asked sexist questions during publicity for their films, and more importantly, their male peers are still receiving bigger pay checks.

Snatched is unlikely to improve or make any kind of positive difference for women in comedy films. If you’re a loyal fan of Amy Schumer then don’t let the criticism it has received stop you from going to see Snatched at cinemas. It isn’t the worst film I’ve ever seen.

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