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TRACK OF THE DAY (19/06/17): Chlöe Howl – ‘Magnetic’

Chlöe Howl was the first artist I ever wrote about, with that in mind, you can imagine how excited I’ve been in the week leading up to her spontaneous comeback. Known for her relatable and often sarcastic commentary in her songs, ‘Magnetic’ is much the same. Even at the young age of 22 she manages to incorporate a range of soul in her voice many older artists strive to achieve, to Chlöe it seems to come naturally.

On ‘Magnetic’ her voice sounds as effortlessly smooth as ever and with lyrics like, “sometimes I wonder why we fight it what if this is the right thing to do” she is showing she is still just as relatable. Hopefully this is a restart with a lot more to follow.

Take a listen, below.

Kicking off her career back in 2013, Chlöe’s name would be seen in many ‘one’s to watch’ lists, mixed in with now big-league names such as Sam Smith, Ella Eyre and MO. However, as quickly as she appeared on the music scene, she disappeared, leaving fans, like myself, wondering whether we would ever hear her ironic pop again.


‘Magnetic’ is out now.

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