TRACK OF THE DAY (15/05/17): Frank Hamilton – More or Less (Feat Dodie Clark)

‘More or Less’ is the third single from Frank Hamilton’s recent album Songs To Make Life Slightly Less Awkward, which was a VH favourite in late twenty sixteen. It’s a track that sees Hamilton’s fine indie pop combined with hard hitting issues. There is a certain cleverness to creating a music with both pop credentials and thought provoking subject and this elevates past cleverness with the catchy hook laden musicianship. This is a slice of throw back indie which will have you humming/tapping along in no time.

Musically there is a combination between male and female vocal harmonies which lead into the chorus flawlessly. This subtle contrast also creates the backbone for the lyrical content which is cemented by the video which is powerful in it’s simple delivery.

Musically there is a clever glitch to the electronic backing which, at first, un-nerves but slowly becomes the catalyst that leads the song to progress. This is almost a musical metaphor which combines with the flickering video to back lyrical themes covering breakdowns, signals, highs and lows in yourself or others amongst other themes to be interpreted.

Mental Health Awareness Week has given Frank Hamilton the confidence to discuss and start conversations around mental health, a subject that touches many. Within both the songwriting and video the issue of mental health is covered with subtlety and a way that encourages thought and discussion.

Find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week here.

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