Rival Bones – Rival Bones (EP Review)

With two-pieces becoming less of a novelty these days, it is an easy shot to draw comparisons to (the undeniably huge) Royal Blood. Despite sweeping similarities, Rival Bones, comprised of big riff provider James Whitehouse and Chris Thomason behind the drumkit, are very much out on their own. And, with just four songs, their eponymous EP is a perfect example of a debut that leaves you begging for more.

Rival Bones absolutely smash it from the off with the pounding intro to ‘Want You Madly’, featuring some good old ‘na-na-na’s’ which will get you singing along, even from the first listen.

‘Marceline’ comes next and with brooding lyrical undertones it really takes the EP to the next level; “I feel her creeping like she is in my skin”, a hauntingly smooth side of Whitehouse’s vocal ability is revealed with the opening line. However, kick drum builds anticipation before the inevitably huge first chorus and the raspy, impassioned yells return, tearing through the crunched out distortion.

Following closely is the explosive single ‘Hives’, where signature meaty riffs and equally mighty drums battle it out against one another. It’s angry, it’s infectious as hell and it makes you wonder how two people can make something sound this huge.

Each track seems to perfectly follow into the next, and ‘Running Away’ brings the debut to an abrupt but powerful finish, showcasing the Rival Bones’ ability to keep to a more rolling, classic rock pace (think Black Stone Cherry) which still of course erupts into a fiery crescendo.

This EP is a mere teaser of what’s to come for this talented duo. Rival Bones are something to get excited about.

Rival Bones is available now via Bandcamp.

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