Jafarris Velvet Cake

Jafaris – Velvet Cake (EP Review)

Dublin based rapper Jafaris has just released his debut Ep Velvet Cake. Released in April, the four track Ep is sexy and heartfelt with a 90’s charm. Similar to acts such as Mac Miller and Times Neue Roman Jafaris‘ sound is dripping in nostalgia, but still remains current enough that each song sounds fresh and current.

‘Like Drugs’ is my own personal favourite track, smooth and catchy, it displays the hand in hand relationship rapping has with poetry, a personal interest of Jafaris. It’s a summer time, car windows down and played on full volume song with the most relatable lyrics. ‘He don’t do drugs baby, love is a drug baby‘ repeated through the chorus tells us the modern day complications that romance comes with. ‘Keep your head high’ similar to ‘Like Drugs’ is upbeat and classic, the empowering chorus ‘Keep your head high giving up had never been an option‘, is reinforced by well executed chilled rap verses.

‘See your Face’ slows the pace on Velvet Cake, romantic and incredibly honest; ‘how ironic is the truth like popping pills and having juice like fighting justice for a noose‘ and ‘Kill kill kill kill kill that’s all we see outside‘ are just two examples of the depth this track achieves. His vocals hit a deeper note making this track one of the sexiest but also features some of the most skilled rapping. Final track ‘If you Love me’ is a love song true to its title. Jafaris sings like a man who knows love. The backing is slow to start but builds, explodes and drops back down all in turn throughout the song.

As an advocate for indie rock Velvet Cake is a different sound than I’m used to, but my constant playing of this Ep and hope for more music from Jafaris shows exactly how captivating he is.

Check out Velvet Cake on Spotify on iTunes and follow Jafaris on social media for updates on shows and new releases.

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