Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled back for a 5th series.

Shooting has just wrapped up in Covent Garden’s The Hospital Club on the fifth series of Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled, a round table discussion show about professional funnypeople and entertainers discussing comedy, show business and life in general, all in an attempt at finding a title for their titleless show.

Davies has been joined in the past by names such as Eddie Izzard, Bill Bailey, Al Murray, Catherine Tate and his old QI buddy, Stephen Fry. Along the way, we’ve learned such valuable truths as to how Marcus Brigstocke got into podium dancing, what Ross Nobel was doing in a WWI Battlefield, and why Bob Mortimer’s arse is so high.

Look forward to season five coming to Dave in February where you can see guests such as Sanjeev Baskhar, David Baddiel and Spice Girl eternal, Mel C. Also, we will find out why Reginald D. Hunter should never have met his heroes, how Jimmy Car handles hecklers and why Davina McCall doesn’t get on with plastic, see-through trousers.

For a small taste of what you’re in for here’s an anecdote as told by comedian Chris Addison, about a run-in he had with some ladies of the night.


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