After grabbing a quick bite to eat after a pre-show chat with The Hyena Kill, I returned to the Liverpool Arts Club to find that I had missed Trauma System. I asked some guys in the crowd what their set was like and they said they walked in and the singer was up against the wall half naked belting out some Alterbridge/Grunge style tunes.

Next up was Shogun, who thankfully I managed to see from the start. With their Nu-Metal bass colliding with Kyuss sounding guitars, the singer added a pop sensibility to the mix.

shogun-1Shogun (Photo: Elizabeth Maddock)

Rival Bones took to the stage and blew everyone’s minds, such was the sheer volume coming out of this two piece. Singer James Whitehouse shouts “this is The Great Divide” before going ape shit on guitar and drums in a cacophonous grooved up rock n roll blast of noise. It was Soundgarden meets Limp Bizkit on guitars, their sound referencing everything from Black Sabbath to Placebo.

rival-bones-1Rival Bones (Photo: Elizabeth Maddock)

The Hyena Kill come on and immediately kick into ‘Your Loss’ which sounds feral and screaming, degenerating as it goes along reminding me of the Pixies at their rawest. Next up is a favourite of mine, ‘Crosses’, with its thunderous drums and guitars with some more Pixies-esque vocals – It’s anthemic. I don’t recognise the next song but it reminds me of the Smashing Pumpkins before bringing in some hardcore Metal screams.

hyena-kill-5The Hyena Kill (Photo: Elizabeth Maddock)

The next song is a new one, and sounds very much like if Depeche Mode had been fronted by a screaming Kurt Cobain; the drums ever adding drama to proceedings. One thing that stands out, besides the quality of the drumming, is the quality of the screaming and the energy Steve and Lorna create together. That and the sheer noise level which, much like support band Rival Bones, was shocking considering they’re just two piece.  

hyena-kill-2The Hyena Kill (Photo: Elizabeth Maddock)

As they play ‘Tongue Tied’ I’m reminded of early Black Flag while Steve is all over the stage headbanging with his mohawk, screaming in the direction of Lorna’s drums. ‘Choke’ is all Black Sabbath mixed with Sonic Youth, backed by a mass of arms, sticks, hair as the drums relentlessly ring out. ‘Erase You’ begins with a sort of Sabbath ‘Iron Man’ intro before a combination of machine gun drums, Pixies-like vocals and strobes build the song up into an unexpected groove; the crowd bobbing enthusiastically along.

hyena-kill-4The Hyena Kill (Photo: Elizabeth Maddock)

Set closer and highlight of the night ‘Still Sick’ literally explodes onto the stage, mixing Seventies Rock n Roll with late Eighties hardcore punk. It’s all my favourite music happening at once. Then it’s suddenly over and we all return to our senses.

hyena-kill-1The Hyena Kill (Photo: Elizabeth Maddock)

All photos: Elizabeth Maddock (instagram/facebook).
You can catch The Hyena Kill on the last few dates of their current tour at Birmingham’s Sunflower Lounge (Mon Oct 17th), the Old Blue Last, London (Tue Oct 18th), Moles in Bath (Wed Oct 19th) and at Milton Keynes’ Craufurd Arms (Thur Oct 20th).