Guest Playlist: Lilac Daze

Next Friday Maryland indie-punk noisemakers, Lilac Daze, will release their first full length album. Lilac Daze is ten tracks of lo-fi garage punk, 70s NYC rock and 90s Brit indie, all wrapped up in a warm pop fuzz.

So to celebrate Vulture Hound convinced the three piece – made up of Evan Braswell (guitar/vox), Patti Kotrady (bass/vox) and Matt Henry (drums/vox) – to pick some tracks for our latest Guest Playlist.

‘Shut Up Kiss Me’ – Angel Olsen

Patti: This song is perfect. It’s poppy, it’s personal, it’s assertive, it’s soft. Her new album, My Woman, is so good at expressing vulnerability in an assertive way. I don’t know if I’m at that point yet as a songwriter, but I’d love to eventually get there.

‘Solo’ – Frank Ocean

Patti: I mean, just listen to this song. I love the line, “in hell there’s heaven.” The song is just so multifaceted and beautiful. It makes being alone feel okay for a bit.

‘Sunset’ – The Babies

Patti: All of us love The Babies. This album is a bit older, but I can’t stop listening to it. This song has been getting stuck in my head constantly. Poppy songs with an edge are the best.

‘We’re A Happy Family’  – Ramones

Matt: The Ramones first album just turned 40 and it’s still as potent as anything else coming out these days. Rocket To Russia was the album that made me wanna be in a band. I learned how to play drums by sitting in my room playing along to Tommy Ramone’s drum parts for hours on end.

‘I Hate the Weekend’ – Tacocat

Matt: Tacocat’s new album is one of my favorite albums of 2016. This song is totally relatable because when you work at a restaurant the whole concept of a “weekend” becomes meaningless. My weekends are usually Monday and Tuesday

‘No One Wants an Alien’ – Wipers

Matt: I don’t think any band can sum up the feeling of being a depressed teenager better than the Wipers. Many lonely night time walks were spent listening to this album on my headphones.

‘Exhausted’ – Foo Fighters

Matt: While Nirvana is my favorite band, I actually heard the first Foo Fighters album before I ever heard Nirvana. My dad bought the FF album because he was a huge Nirvana fan, but ended up giving it to me as he didn’t like it all that much. This album had a huge impact on me, and the fact that Dave recorded all the instruments himself was a huge inspiration to me as a musician.

‘Overtones’ – Jonny Greenwood

Evan: Aside from being the talented multi-instrumentalist in Radiohead, Greenwood composes beautifully eerie film scores. He’s done scores for The Master, There Will Be Blood, etc. This piece really stood out to me when I first saw The Master.

‘Berlin Got Blurry’ – Parquet Courts

Evan: This song is so catchy and goofy. I love it. I was going to choose a Teenage Cool Kids song, but this guitar riff is always stuck in my head.

‘Blimps Go 90’ – Guided By Voices

Evan: GBV is one of my favorite bands of all time. Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes were pretty formative albums for me. I just saw them and was stoked to see Pollard still rockin’ the high kicks!

You can check out the playlist, in full, via Vulture Hound’s Spotify.

Lilac Daze is out on October 14th via Black Numbers. But if you can’t wait that long you can check out album cut ‘Future Unknown’, below.