Like a Thief

Like A Thief – Play Loud (EP Review)

Play Loud is the second EP to be birthed from the loins of the talented trio Like A Thief. Hailing from Albany in Western Australia, this funk-rock / dance-pop three-piece have pulled together a second offering that is robust yet brief.

Who knew that three short tracks could effectively showcase the skill that such a group have to offer the world? The vocals throughout are absolutely beautiful, even when the Australian accent shines through and slightly distorts the words. If anything it lends more charm to the lyricism, combined with sweet percussion, uplifting rhythms and masterfully mixed genres.

‘Escape’ is basically an anthemic dance tune with a nurturing soul. The lyrics contain a bit of a mixed message between “get out, get out of my head” and “I just want to hold onto you tonight.” This seems like the internal monologue for any normal human being who’s ever been in love, wrapped up in a pretty package. ‘Sirens’ has a similar theme about love/lust and communication, with easily relatable lyrics like “It started with a whisper, it’s growing to an ocean roar”.

From beginning to end, the track ‘Discord’ is much gentler, creating an overall softer ambiance. However, it still manages to thrust you into the EP’s on going theme’s. Before you know it, you’ll be singing along; “I’m falling deeper…in”!

The strength of this three track EP is truly admirable, each song has its own distinct identity, yet they melt together splendidly. Play Loud feels like just enough, although it may leave you a tad bit unsatisfied due to its length. All in all, it’s a fantastic EP that will leave you wanting more.


Play Loud is available now via The A&R Department.