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Guest Playlist – HECK (Tom Marsh)

HECK, formerly known as Baby Godzilla, just released their new album Instructions and kicked off their UK tour with one hell of an album release show at Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. Atop of all this, the band’s drummer, Tom Marsh, was nice enough to put together a playlist of songs that, in his opinion, are better than any other band could wish to create. As HECK’s vocalist and guitarist Matt Reynolds says: “Get angry and stay angry.” And, Tom’s playlist definitely echoes that sentiment.

So, some bands here – Daughters, Botch, Converge, The Mars Volta & Lightning Bolt – are amongst the bands that have shaped the way I think about music. They opened me up to accept everything and anything, and that there are no limits – only ones you set yourself.

Some of the best, most original, inspiring and challenging pieces of music that I have found are by these bands. They’re the front runners. They’re the ones that did it first and they’re the ones that can play it better than you. They’re also the ones who did it, and still do it, for the love of playing their own music.

Also, Kendrick Lamar is wicked.