Dean Ambrose has had a hard time staying relevant recently.  Obviously, the injury to Randy Orton affected him, taking away a tag team match against the Wyatts at Hell in a Cell. Since then, however, he has been cast as little more than a motivational sidekick to Roman Reigns. He’s been all bark and no bite.  This is frustrating for such a popular superstar on the roster, and something needs to happen so that he doesn’t lose any momentum. Here are 5 ideas that will help Ambrose’s character remain a big player and not get lost in the shuffle of the midcard.


  1. Feud with Alberto Del Rio for the US Title: A lot of people assumed that Dean Ambrose, suddenly without a match at Hell in a Cell, would knock of John Cena for the US title in the open challenge. It made sense in a lot of ways: he’s dependable to have a solid match with Cena, he’s a credible champion, and it would be a win that would get the audience hooked. Much to everyone’s surprise, Alberto Del Rio stepped in after an absence and won the title in a mediocre match.  Del Rio always seemed to work better as a full on heel, and if he reverts to heel tactics, a great babyface to feud with would be Ambrose.  He could have some fun working the mic against Zeb Colter and could get the fans involved. Del Rio is a good worker but sometimes lacks the charisma to get people fully involved in his matches, but Ambrose would cure that immediately.


  1. Turn Heel On Reigns: This would be the biggest twist out of the options.  Jealous that Reigns is about to win the title from Seth Rollins, Ambrose could snap and attack Reigns just before getting a big win. Fans would be shocked and it would make Ambrose an instant top level heel (although it would please the anti-Reigns crowd) and it opens up a big time feud.  Ambrose and Reigns could be a feud that goes on for months, and you can’t count out the possibility of the fantasy Triple Threat Shield match that would probably be amazing. This may be a riskier option for WWE creative right now, since they are probably looking to keep their faces over as much as possible with John Cena out of action for a couple more months.  It may be an unlikely scenario right now, but this would give a spark to Ambrose’s character right away.


  1. Hardcore Champion: This idea would really play upon the loose cannon persona of Ambrose. The hardcore title is missed by many Attitude Era fans, and if it were to ever come back, it would be a joy to have Ambrose defend it. Perhaps Mick Foley can present it to Ambrose after winning a hardcore battle royal.  Maybe a storyline happens where Ambrose just randomly brings the title back itself, the Authority saying it’s not a valid title but Ambrose ignoring that notion and just defends it week after week in the style of John Cena’s US open challenge.  This would be must see TV in the PG era of Raw and Smackdown. Everyone loves hardcore matches every once in awhile, and a weekly segment could be just enough to get people to tune in to see what crazy antics Ambrose would use against random challengers. The 24/7 rule doesn’t even have to come back, just let Ambrose come out and challenge anyone to step up.


  1. Feud with Kevin Owens for IC Title: A few months ago, Ambrose was a man hell bent on getting some gold and having his picture as a champion hanging in the offices of WWE headquarters. After coming close a few times, including briefly stealing the title from Wade Barrett, Ambrose failed in winning the Intercontinental title.  Kevin Owens has a lot of potential as the IC champ, and he needs to move on from his lackluster feud with Ryback. Kevin Owens needs a new challengers and Ambrose needs someone big to go after. The mic work between Owens and Ambrose would be very promising, and the ring work would have the ability to steal the show.  Both guys have the ability to make it seem that they genuinely hate whoever they are facing, and that intensity going both ways could make for a great, long rivalry over a belt that WWE keeps trying to add prestige to in this modern era.


  1. Feud with Sheamus for the Money in the Bank briefcase: The Money in the Bank briefcase would be perfect for someone referred to as a ‘lunatic’ and ‘unstable’. Sheamus is a heel who fans love to loathe, but sometimes he can get lost in the shuffle. Sheamus should be a big threat to cash in at any moment, but that feeling is hardly there right now. It almost feels like a waste having the briefcase with him, besides that one time he almost cashed in on Rollins on Raw on August 10th. Ambrose could continue to pester Sheamus and egg him on to fight him with the briefcase on the line. Sheamus could be hesitant but finally cave after Ambrose questions his courage. This could give fans a big time feud with a lot on the line, plus the possibilities of what to do with Ambrose as Mr. MITB would be plentiful.  Instantly he would bring a “will he or won’t he” feeling on any Pay-Per-View event or even Raw to cash in.  This could continue the feud with Rollins as he would torment him by teasing a cash in at any given moment. This could also play into the possible heel turn on Reigns, maybe with Ambrose cashing in while celebrating with Reigns right after winning his first title. WWE loves to remind the audience about how unstable and Ambrose is, and this would be the best way to freshen up his character.

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