There’s a lot to be said about controversy and this is one short that isn’t afraid to bear its harsh light. Thankfully, I’m not religious, this didn’t offend me, but yes, you can see how it can. C. J. Lazaretti character ‘Duke Cosmico I’ takes no religious prisoners, he literally devours their most iconic symbolism.

We’re all about freedom of speech in this world (at least to those whom are fortunate enough to have it) and ‘Duke Cosmico I’ is allowed to portray his message just as much as the next person in line. If a religious collective can force their opinions and belief system on the uninitiated, then surely, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the non believers can have their say also. The potential censoring of works such as this I simply perceive to be hypocritical bullshit.

Cosmico leaves you to fend for yourself, though its message isn’t difficult to decipher, subjectivity is the short’s greatest strength. The show, don’t tell approach is taken literally and to its benefit. Upon viewing this, my wonder was steered more towards, what can this director do with an actual cast and crew? I hope one day I get to find out.


3 / 5


Dir: C.J. Lazaretti

Country: UK

Year: 2014

Run time: 3 mins