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Trailer Watch: Reclaim

Paranoia is a powerful tool in modern film marketing. One of the most potent paranoid fantasies many of us have is our children being taken from us. Just look at Prisoners. That thing was green lit on that premise alone and made a tonne of money for its troubles. Reclaim goes a slightly different route. It plays on the desperation some people have to be parents. It tells the story of a couple that adopt a little girl from Haiti, only for her to be “reclaimed” by her black market owners to be sold on somewhere else. The film can at times look like a revenge fantasy that questions the heroes desire for revenge as a moral endeavour, whilst asking tough questions about white privilege. The problem with something like this, is that when you indulge your audiences appetite for action at the same time you’re criticizing it, you run the risk of muddying, or even subverting, your message.