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Anti-Flag – A Document of Dissent: 1993-2013 (Album Preview)

The original punk movement was born out of social and economical anxiety and anger, and over the past thirty years whilst a lot of the genre has become diluted and lost sight of the initial foundations of punk music, one band have managed to keep it in sight. Since 1993 Anti-Flag have been tearing it up and keeping the flame alight. To celebrate twenty years of the band they have teamed up with Fat Wreck Chords to release A Document of Dissent which comprises of twenty-six tracks which have been chosen from the bands nine full-length album catalogue.

Opening with a double header of Die for the Government and Fuck Police Brutality the album really shows what Anti-Flag are all about, taking a strong social stance and making sure the message is heard. It also features other anarchic punk anthems such as 1 Trillion Dollar$, Hymn for the Dead and The Bright Lights of America.

The album is perfect for both fans of the band and newbies as it is the essential Anti-Flag. The real gem is the bands insightful and in-depth liner notes which illustrates each songs history and includes a biographical time line of the band’s history alongside world events, showing how some of those events inspired the classic songs. As you would expect from any Anti-Flag record A Document of Dissent is hard and heavy, and helps elevate Anti-Flag’s massive middle finger salute to “the man.”

A Document of Dissent is out 22nd July on Fat-Wreck and A-F Records, and you can watch a video of the band providing a run down of just what went into the album

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