Dancing Years – Places We’ve Roamed (Video Review)

Dancing Years – Places We’ve Roamed (Video Review)


The video for Places We’ve Roamed starts with Dancing Years vocalist David Henshaw lying by the side of a picturesque lake as the lyrics “Remember the weekend/the lakes in the Autumn/the roads deserted/and the night was so peaceful” are sung.

It becomes obvious it’s a stag night when Henshaw is later shown blindfolded and thrown in the back of a van, before switching to a shot of him playing air-guitar in a club.

But it’s also about a road trip – it was written whilst staying with friends in Sweden – and makes comparison between a long drive and the prospect spending your entire life with another person.

It cleverly links the two, so that a road trip is a metaphor for spending your life with somebody else, and spending your life with somebody else is a metaphor for a road trip, depending on how you look at it: “And we felt like explorers/with the headlights before us/and crept through the old town/rain was the only sound.”

Places We’ve Roamed is a ballad that might be clever, but it’s not so clever it trips over itself – it’s a thoroughly decent song.

Dancing Years have recently toured with George Ezra, and they’ll be touring the UK and Europe in November.

“Places We’ve Roamed” is released July 7th.


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