You’ve Got To Look Sharp – Glenn Gregory

I have long since believed that fashion and music go hand in hand and that you can’t really have one without the other.  I wanted to invesitgate this theory more and was lucky enough to be able to have a chat with the characteristic charmer Glenn Gregory about this very topic.

Now you may know Glenn from his time in the 90’s sensation that was Heaven 17, but I happen to know that aside from his musical talents Glenn is incredibly passionate about his sense of style and fashion in general.

Glenn, you have been in the music industry for a while now, have you seen music directly influence fashion during that time?

Fashion is incredibly important to music and they are linked very strongly, in fact they are a marriage made in heaven. I myself was influenced by the way Bowie dressed and can remember trying to get a similar suit after seeing him on the cover of Young Americans. I believe that artists are innovators as are fashion designers, they go hand in hand.

Do you feel, as a musician, you have a particular style when it comes to your appearance?

I try to.  I have always been interested in smart style and find it really difficult to be casual.  I love going out dressed in my 3 piece suits, sharp shoes and a hat. I have always been interested in fashion and think it is not only important for how you see yourself, but for how others see you.  Fashion is a part of everyone’s life.

You have a new single out, can you tell me more about it.

It is called Untouchable.  I was contacted by Stephen Emmer who said he had a vision of my voice in an orchestral landscape, very old fashion but with a modern twist. It was inspired by the loss of my friend Billy Mackenzie, former singer of The Associates, who committed suicide.  It was very emotional recording it, even bringing me to tears whilst I was singing.

Do you have a fashion designer that you favour at all and if so why?

It changes through time. I used to have two Antony Price suits, one powder blue and one white, they were very sharp and I really liked those.  I like Thierry Mugler. I have a Gucci suit I bought about 25 years ago and I still love it.  It is tweed and has these wide lapels, very 70’s in style. I also like Tiger Sweeden, I have two suits by them.  They are really nicely cut and well made, they have a sharp skinny look but are really affordable.

Can you sum up your style in one sentence?

‘You’ve got to look sharp’

I had a really good time chatting with Glenn, he is funny, down to earth and very knowledgeable when it comes to fashion.  We spoke a lot about his friend.  If you haven’t heard Billy or The Associates before then have a listen to them here.

Billy was Scottish born and known for his vocal style.  The band remind me a little of The Cure, with a strong 80’s feel to the arrangements.  When Glenn was telling me about Billy and why he had inspired Untouchable, it was clear just how much the loss affected him.

Listening to Untouchable takes you into a world that is hauntingly beautiful, full of heartfelt emotion and Glenn’s voice stratches out over an incredible, but irreconsilable landscape of orchestral excellence.  His voice and the style of the song is extremely reminiscent of Bowie!

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