Her Name Is Calla – Navigator (Album Review)

Since their critically acclaimed debut release ‘The Quiet Lamb’, the post-rock outfit Her Name Is Calla have been fairly silent for a four year hiatus. Written about songwriter Tom Morris’ breakdown, the debut release etched a barrel load of emotions, which were brought to life throughout a triumphant 75 minutes.

After being left to graze in Morris’ spiralling despair, the anticipation for ‘Navigators’ certainly hasn’t been quiet. Picking up where the six-piece band gloriously left off, their latest release navigates further into the realms of emotion as it depicts a story of dreams that fail and do not materialise as youth slips away.

The inaugural track ‘I Was On The Back Of A Nightingale’ builds upon relaxing rifts, before eloping towards soulful vocals, almost reminiscent of Justin Vernon of Bon Iver.  In dissimilar fashion to the opener, ‘The Roots Run Deep’ enters with a high octane post-rock hiss that refuses to disperse as it rushes quickly to your head, leaving you in a subdued state of mind.

Self titled track ‘Navigator’ follows suit of the entirety of the album which mixes between shallow sounds before captivating into a ray of light, to then be brought back down to the ground again.

Evident in their first release, Her Name Is Calla have found a distinguishable post-rock identity they can call their own. ‘Navigators’ accurately named, navigates you through a wealth of emotions, which once again are perfectly executed through a carefully comprised selection of unsettling sounds that are left to linger.


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